Putting the District Calendar on your iPhone or iPad

It is possible to have the District calendar on you iPhone or iPad. As additions or corrections are made to the calendar you will have the most recent version.

Make sure you are at this web page on your device. You will press and hold on the link below until the copy/paste dialog box pops up and click on copy.

After copying the link go to Settings on your device and scroll down to (Mail, Contacts, Calendars). On the next screen tap on Add Account then scroll down to Other. On the new screen scroll down to (Add Subscribed Calendar). On the line for Server press and hold until the paste dialog box pops up. You will click on Paste and it should insert the link. you will then click on next in the upper right corner. On the next screen you will tap on Save. You should now be able to go to calendars and the district calendar show show.