Faculty and Staff

Central Office Staff:

John Denk, Superintendent

Fred Howie, Technology/Data Collection Coordinator

Cheryl Boesker, Clerk of the Board

Terri Hett, Assistant Clerk

School Board:

Eric Norstrom, president

Eugene Klatt

Quincy Krase

Dan Miller

Terry Minson

Arlyn Nightingale

Trenton Prieb

Elementary Faculty and Staff:

Mr. Jim Struber, Principal

Mrs. Jill Roller, Secretary

Mrs. Angela Simpson, Pre-School Teacher

Mrs. Shawna Jones, Kindergarten

Mrs. Jeannie Koehn, Kindergarten

Mrs. Jennifer Enns, First Grade

Mrs. Sue Vogts, First Grade

Mrs. Lisa Klinkerman, Second Grade

Mrs. Julie Zimmerman, Second Grade

Mrs. Tammy Feil, Third Grade

Mr. Jordan Meier, Third Grade

Mrs. Amy Etheridge, Fourth Grade

Ms. Kristi Wheeler, Fourth Grade

Ms. Kristi Snow, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mr. Blake Thornburgh, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mr. Barry Fritz, P.E.

Mrs. Cloe Hedlund, Student Advocate

Mrs. Pam Chapin, Title I Reading

Mr. Steven Glover, Vocal Music

Ms. Megan McKenna, Band

Ms. Jennifer Taylor, Special Ed.

Ms. Crystal Holmes, Special Ed.

Ms. Sally Anderson, Gifted

Ms. Kaitlyn Bressie, School Psychologist

Mrs. Rose Larson, Speech

Mrs. Lynn Nightingale, School Nurse

Mrs. Debbie Evans, Cook

Mrs. Stacie Koehn, Cook

Ms. Payton Bonilla, SPED Para

Mrs. Lori Espada, SPED Para

Ms. Kami Froese, SPED Para

Ms. Julia Nelson, SPED Para

Mrs. Heather Nichols, SPED Para

Mrs. Becky Pyle, SPED Para

Mrs. Christa Rageth, SPED Para

Mrs. Tammy Wintermote, SPED Para

Mrs. Jessica Anderson, Pre-School Aide

Mrs. Rachel Dvorak, Teacher Aide

Mrs. Rose KIataske, Title Aide

Mrs. Becky Ryan, Title Aide

Mrs. Marilyn Scott, Library Aide

Ms. Amber Dowell, Custodian

Mr. David Espada, Custodian

Mr. Willy Crane, Maintenance

Jr./Sr. High Faculty and Staff:

Mr. Shawn Koehn, Principal

Mrs. Rhonda Hamby, Secretary

Mrs. Darla Westbrook, Secretary

Mr. Rick Anderson, Art

Ms. Traci Bergmeier, Math

Mr. Adam Bliesner, Business Education

Mr. Luke Curry, Social Studies and HS Activities Dir.

Mrs. Cara Duell, English and JH Activities Director

Mr. Shane Duncan, HS Social Studies

Mr. Steven Glover, Vocal Music

Mr. Leroy Harvey, Interrelated Classroom Instructor

Mrs. Rose Larson, Speech

Ms. Beth Luhman, Family & Consumer Science

Ms. Megan McKenna, Instrumental Music

Mrs. Tina McMannis, Language Arts and Media

Mr. Adam North, HS Math

Mr. Tyler O’Connor, Science and Robotics

Ms. Amie Rodda, Counselor

Mr. Tyler Schroeder, PE/Weights

Mrs. Amanda Smith, HS Science

Mr. Lyle Silsby, Industrial Technology

Mrs. Valerie Stout, Language Arts/Spanish

Mrs. Kayla Aguilar, College and Career Advocate

Ms. Lynn Nightingale, School Nurse

Ms. Carly Stuck, Special Ed.

Ms. Kaitlyn Bressie, School Psychologist

Ms. Sally Anderson, Gifted

Mrs. Karla Teljanova, Accompanist

Mrs. Crystal Hobson, Library Aide

Mrs. Keli Voth, Cook

Ms. Donna Ledford, Cook

Mr. Willy Crane, Maintenance

Mr. Thomas Douglas, Maintenance

Ms. Denice Collins, Custodian

Mr. Connor Denk, Custodian

Mr. Don Ratzloff, Crossing Guard

Mrs. Sarah Clements, SPED Para-Professional

Mrs. Johni Doughman, SPED Para-Professional

Ms. Jennifer Unruh, SPED Para-Professional

Mrs. LaDonna Westbrook, SPED Para-Professional